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Female Estro Support

Ingredients :

A Proprietary Blend Of:

Damiana, Irish Moss, Hydrangea, Bladderwrack and Sarsaparilla.

Damiana : Balances hormones to shrink fibroids.

Irish Moss : Supports connective tissue in vagina.

Hydrangea : Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, dissolves calcium deposits in soft tissue.

Bladderwrack : Antiestrogenic effects lower the risk of estrogen-dependent diseases.

Sarsaparilla : Increases sexual desire. 

Female Estro Support

Female Estro Support balances hormones to shrink fibroids, anti-inflammatory,antiseptic, dissolves calcium deposits in soft tissue. Increases sexual desire. Anti-estrogenic effects lower the risk of estrogen dependent diseases.


Female Estro Support can be used by itself as a general cleanser or with other herbal combinations. The more combinations that you use together, the more you will cleanse the entire body down to the intracellular level.

* Jordan's Cell Food Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Jordan's Cell Food and may contain ingredients not listed here.